Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Phantom Pregnancies (near) Complete Discography

NOTE...Song titles are in order by L.P./E.P.
Phantom Pregnancies was a mysterious punk band that raided shows, played in pajamas, recorded their records on boom-boxes and had no real names. The Phantom Pregnancies were the leaders of the anti-digital movement, to the point that their track on a damaged goods CD comp is one minute of silence. It is rumored that Huggy Bear members were involved with the Phantom Pregnancies but it has never been 100% proven.
Rent Boy Assassin has more of a raw and urgent post-punk DIY sound, pretty stunning three tracks, comparable maybe to The Element Of Crime EP in intensity.
Debut single from both bands, long out of print.
If youre lucky enough to stumble across any of their material...GET IT!
Phantom Pregnancies/Rent Boy Assassin
1. Heat Gun Summer
2. Delicacy 80
3. Spacenoid Having Fun
4. Technophiliacs Outside The Cinema


Special Child EP (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Almighty Civilization Cat Daughter
2. Backgarden Holiday (For A Week)
3. Chaka Juan
4. Bad Haircut
5. Do You Think I'm Going To Eat It Now You've Squished It Out Of Shape?
6. Suiciderama
7. Backgarden Holiday (For A Day)
Assassination City (Damaged Goods)

1. Ghost Boy
2. Generate Sparks
3. Supernatural Beast Feast
4. Heat Gun
5. Pro-D
6. Technophiliacs Outside The Cinema
7. Sick Smell Punk
8. Chariot
9. Suiciderama
10. Turpentine To Make It Shine
11. Foam Domes
12. Spaceman Tekkaman
13. Quiffs Don't Suit Me
14. No No A Go Go
15. March Of The Afterbirth
16. Missing On A Milk Carton
17. Pregnant Fantasies
18. Needle In The Red
19. Bruise On
20. Ants In Yr Pants
21. Very Important Adjustments

Phantom Pregnancies/The Cinnamon Imperials (Honey Bear)

1. Viva La Diva
2. Souvenir Central
3. Dazzle Dust Phantom Discoteccamuta
4. I Am The Girl On The Eiffel Tower

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