Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Other- posted by FRANKKUBB

taken fr Boomkat.com..


Manchester's own Holy Other touches down on Tri Angle with five sumptuous jams occupying the spooked space between R&B, techno and dark ambient**. It's tempting to call it witch-house, of course, but Holy Other's productions are so subtle and carefully wrought that we'd be doing him a huge disservice if we did. This music deserves to be taken on its own terms: as emotive and supremely evolved electronic music with a real force of personality. We're drawn in with 'Know Where', a sleepy-eyed, mid-paced groover that sketches out the Holy Other universe: hard-jerking drums, synth ambience, technoid bleeps, eerie vocal snatches; it's from this palette that he paints 'Yr Love' (think Kassem Mosse meets Hype Williams on a beach in Ibiza) and the similarly chugging 'With U' and 'Feel Something'. The EP's unmistakable centrepiece however is 'Touch' - it sounds like 2-step pitched-down and re-strung for Valium-munchers, Burial-esque vocal pressure meeting ultra-minimal, jeep-rocking claps and downshifting darkside synths in 10,000 leagues of reverb, making for a track as slickly cinematic as it is disorienting and plain RUDE. Put simply, it's the kind of twisted but oddly romantic R&B futurism which Tri Angle consistently excels at sourcing. Yes, the tropes Holy Other works with are largely tried and tested, but with his high production values he massages them into something distinctive and truly powerful.from Boomkat.com

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