Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tied To The Branches posted by FRANKKUBB

Heres a very intriguing and up and coming lo-fi/dreampop/indie project/band called Tied To The Branches, upon my surfing around and time killing I happened to come upon their fan page accidentally..they have a page on facebook, and according to what I read they might be coming to YOUR town in the near future, you KNOW Ill be in attendance when/if they do, So if indie/shoegaze is your taste musically, than by all means support independent... music & check out T.T.T.B. out, theyre cute as hell too..WOOF!
Yeah, I had to throw that in..MEH!
heres their facebook page link as well...check em out :

Here is Mark Mannings webpage link :


Marc Manning

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Sean P. Duff said...

I live for shoegaze, excited to check them out