Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bed Intruder Song and News Footage..MUST SEE by FRANKKUBB

Ok, I just happened to be at my Buddies Joe and Allens apartment (The Cub House) tonight which Allen happened to tell me about a lesson that was taught in his Sociology class today, I was shocked as to what he showed me.....Maybe it was the Voodoo Dauquiri's that inspired me to post this..I dunno...All I know is that THIS IS FUNNY AS SHIT!

N.S.F.W. In the sense that some may find this racially insensitive...GET A GRIP not to mention a sense of humor and enjoy the video for chrissakes!


This is the original news footage to which the accompanying song is dedicated to..be sure to watch this first!

This is the remix...and its pure comedy!

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