Friday, July 30, 2010

Themselves ~ The Free Houdini 2009 posted by FRANKKUBB

If youre not familiar with Themselves..They are a collaboration from the Anticon Record label that consists of Hip Hop artists Dose One & Jel..Those of you who are familiar with the Anticon label know that they are known for putting out some seriosuly odd yet solid underground Hip Hop/spoken word abstract beats etc.......If youre expecting to hear Lil Wayne or Jay Z...Then proceed to another blog

Not that Lil Wayne and Jigga are bad...quite the contrary..much respect, Im just saying that...commercial Hip Hop doenst seem to be on Anticon Records agenda....fortunately, GOOD STUFF!



1. Pay That Piper 2:13
2. Oversleeping (From the Forthcoming CrownsDown LP) 1:52
3. Know That to Know This (feat. Aesop Rock) 3:21
4. Kick the Ball (feat. Buck 65) 2:57
5. 1 for No Money (feat. Sole) 1:06
6. Rappers Is Interns (Freestyle) 1:12
7. Party Rap Sucks (feat. Bus Driver) 1:23
8. Long Time Coming (feat. Lionesque) 3:51
9. Swarm of Bee II 2:43
10. Back2burn (feat. Pedestrian) 1:48
11. TheMark (feat. D-Styles) [From the Forthcoming CrownsDown LP) 3:01
12. Keys to Ignition (feat. Serengeti) 3:12
13. Roman Is As Roman Does (From the Forthcoming CrownsDown LP) 1:55
14. The Medicine (feat. Slug) 3:03
15. Free&Void 2:00
16. Rapping4Money (feat. Clouddead) 3:56
17. Rappers Is Modelships (feat. DJ Baku) (Freestyle) 1:53
18. Puzzled (feat. Passage & DJ Andrew) 3:16
19. Crosssection of Wreckage (feat. Alias & DJ Andrew) 2:56
20. Each Ant in Their House 7:05


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