Friday, July 30, 2010

K.U.K.L.~ Holidays In Europe 1986 posted by FRANKKUBB

This was an endeavor featuring (at the time..) an up and coming artist who now goes by the name of Bjork...Maybe youve heard of her..Well...Ill be posting another K.U.K.L. release in the near future of an exceptional L.P. called The Eye on Crass Records....ENJOY


P.S. KUKL means 'witch' in Icelandic...Betcha didnt know that eh??

1. Outward Flight (Psalm 323)
2. France (A Mutual Thrill)
3. Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)
4. Greece (Just By The Book)
5. England (Zro)
6. Holland (Latent)
7. Aegean (Vials Of Wrath)
8. Homecoming, The (The Night, This Is What She Sounds Like)


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