Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suede/Suede 1993

When it left this album on sale, the band already counted on certain popularity thanks to single sent previously, before the disc was even recorded. The critic had found of certain form to the most promising band of all the Indie scene by those years, and that one repelled in the sales of this work, made that it become the disc sold debut more in almost one decade. Thanks to an ambiguous image, a peculiar vocalista, a Rock subtly elegant and refining (and good, separate subject the cover of the disc), `Suede' became an instantaneous, full classic species of of melodic hooks carried out and songs very well that were transformed into hymns for all a generation. Via greatestdiorama

dowload link here.

Suede - Suede (1993)


overdrive tOm said...

is there somewhere dwnld link? wanna try. originally found this blog when i was trying to get some disks of Kommunity Fk, but when Im loookin around, there could be a lot of interesting things to hear...

oh, my profile [not so good radio, because I usualy hear a lot of stiles and lot of music, so it is kinda mishmash, but probbably you can find something interesting there]

thx for replay ;]


Tom,Ill be posting sometime in the next few weeks "The Vision And The Voice" Tom, and as far as funding links I have been 'promised' by a buddy of mine that he will be hooking me up w/ the new KFK album that is set for release sometime soon ...if it hasnt been released already...Ive been looking but to no avail...Im especially looking for Patrik Mats's solo stuff as well