Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Auteurs /New Wave

An essential debut, without a doubt. The mind was considered to Jarvis Cocker most shining of the music of the islands realised in the 90, but Luke Haines was a step superficially. In fact Jarvis did not admire to him (but not as much as Chris Cunningham, director of two videos of The Auteurs), although could either confirm if the gentleman of the cover is disguised Lenny Bruce of Rodolfo Valentino. Ah, and care, that the version in CD of this disc counts on an hidden subject after Home Again. Warned you are, soon neither weeping nor to squeak of teeth. Retromúsica route.

The Auteurs - New Wave (1993) It is without a doubt his better disc, and possibly the best thing than has made Luke Haines in all their race. He is around Parklife, Dog Man Star or Different Class turning it into one of best discs of his sort in the 90's. Masterpiece.

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