Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great L.A. Death Rock ./Kommunity F.K.

Another great release fr. the Los Angeles Death Rock band Kommunity F.K. If you are fortunate to aquire this album , may I suggest getting it; As far as I know this album has been out of print for quite some time....You might be able to find it on EBay, but chances ar eit will be quite pricey; F.K.

Kommunity F.K./Close One Sad Eye


Download HERE.................. FK [Close One Sad Eye] -01- Something Inside Me Has Died.mp3 FK [Close One Sad Eye] -02- The Other World.mp3 FK [Close One Sad Eye] -05- Trollops.mp3 FK [Close One Sad Eye] -06- The Vision And The Voice.mp3

Kommunity F.K. / Something Inside Of Me Has Died

Kommunity F.K. /Live @ The Roxy 9/13/2008- The Other World


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