Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Germs~Cruising Studio Sessions 1985 posted by FRANKKUBB

*Thanks to shinygreymonotone for the entry*

released in 1985

The Germs were approached to provide the music for the movie CRUISING which Al Pacino goes undercover in the NYC Gay leather`bondage/SM/BD 'subculture' to infiltrate a killer who has been murdering gay male prostitutes whilst having rough sex (you REALLY oughta see this movie for 2 reasons: Al Pacino wearing leather and a strapping muscular black man wearing only a jockstrap and a cowboy hat laying a heart bitch slap on Mr. Pacino)

but only one of the songs actually made it onto the soundtrack ("lion's share")

so what you get on this 7" are all of the other songs

p.s. Ill be posting the soundtrack for the movie 'Cruising' in the coming days!



Jacked01 said...

,rar? really?

Sean P. Duff said...

how have I never seen this movie? Also love the germs.