Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hell Comes To Your House Vol. 1 posted by FRANKKUBB

Time Bomb

This compilation, recorded in 1981, is the SoCal equivalent of Flex Your Head, the classic DC hardcore compilation. Early tracks from Social Distortion and Red Cross (later Red Kross), as well as the lesser known but equally influential 45 Grave and Christian Death. Other bands include Legal Weapon, Modern Warfare, Secret Hate, Conservatives, 100 Flowers, Rhino 39, and Super Heroines. Why did some of these bands go on to be legends and others fade into obscurity? Fate is fickle, as they say. Reportedly recorded for $550 dollars, this is a great example of the DIY ethic that evolved into today's thriving indie record scene. Every fan of old school punk should own this. Time Bomb, 219 Broadway #519, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

--Michael Crown

01. Social Distortion - Lude Boy
02. Social Distortion - Telling Them
03 Legal Weapon - Daddy's Gone Mad
04. Red Cross - Puss 'N' Boots
05. Modern Warfare - Out Of My Head
06. Modern Warfare - Street Fightin' Man
07. Secret Hate - Deception
08. Secret Hate - New Routine/Suicide
09. Conservatives - Suburban Bitch
10. Conservatives - Just Cuz/Nervous
11. 45 Grave - Evil
12. 45 Grave - Concerned Citizen
13. 45 Grave - 45 Grave
14. Christian Death - Dogs
15. 100 Flowers - Reject Yourself
16. Rhino 39 - Marry It
17. Super Heroines - Death On The Elevator
18. Super Heroines - Embalmed Love


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Mr Fab said...

thanks! loved this back in the day, glad to have it back.