Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rudimentary Peni ~ Death Church Demos posted by FRANKKUBB

With hindsight, the most important group to have emerged from the extremist English Punk scene may well be Rudimentary Peni. Led by a genuine obsessive, Nick Blinko, this trio (Blinko, Grant Matthews on bass and John Greville on drums) from Abbots Langley, the small town near London which produced England's only Pope, stand apart from the mass of hardcore groups not so much for the violence and brevity of their songs (which, incidentally, are hard to beat) as for the absolute essentiality of their music, their rhythmic variety and their above-average grasp of melody.

Their first two EPs are an unprecedented, full-frontal attack which few can match; Rudimentary Peni (Outer Himalayan), recorded in 1981, contains twelve tracks, each faster and more deafening than the last. In raw, violent anthems like Media Person, B-Ward and Play, Blinko speeds up Joey Ramone's `Ramalama' and Johnny Rotten's invective, deforming them with his own guttural caprices, somewhere between a werewolf in heat and a native American shaman. The Peni's refusal to waste a single second of music might hint at a certain monotony, but there is actually much more variety than one might imagine, and in songs like Teenage Time Killer and Him Hymn, it is the unusual guitar riffs which drive the harmony. Each track has a precise identity, and throughout the record, a `black' vein of esotericism continues to emerge (in Gardener, the group even attempts a kind of raga-punk).



01. 1/4 Dead
02. Blissful Myth
03. The Psycho Squat
04. Poppycock
05. Cosmic Hearse w/ The Cloud Song
06. Vampire State Building
07. Blasphemy Squad
08. When You Are a Martian Church
09. Pig In a Blanket
10. Inside
11. Nothing but a Nightmare
12. Flesh Crucifix
13. Slimy Member
14. Love Is Not
15. Radio Schizo
16. Happy Farm
17. Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles
18. Army of Jesus
19. Dutchmen



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