Thursday, July 22, 2010

Huggy Bear ~ Shimmies In Super8 AND Rubbing The Impossible To Burst DOUBLE HEADER posted by FRANKKUBB

This was a double 7" compilation released on Duophonic in 1993 in a limited edition of 1200. Also on the comp were Stereolab, Colm & Darlin. This release is really rare and I wouldn't want to battle Stereolab fans on an auction site for it. These tracks are bedroom quality experiments in poetry, noise, and song. The answering machine sample mentions the Hickey Underworld, something I remember Nation Of Ulyssess referencing in their radical surreal manifestos.


Trafalger Square
More Music From Bells
Snow White/Rose Red



The debut 7" from Huggy Bear released by Wiija in 1992. This was mainly sold at shows and the rough trade store. This material wasn't re-released on the 10" of early singles or anything else.

Katholic Kunt
High Street Jupitor Super*Cone
Snail Messenger Lost
Single Bullets

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