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Heavens To Betsy - Rare/Lives 1992-1993 posted by FRANKKUBB

Heavens to Betsy was a punk band from Olympia, Washington. The members were Tracy Sawyer on drums and occasionally bass guitar, and Corin Tucker on guitar and vocals. One of their first appearances was at the International Pop Underground Convention organized by independent record label K Records in 1991. For one night an all-female bill, dubbed "Love Rock Revolution Girl Style Now" commanded the stage with Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile, Jean Smith of Mecca Normal and 7 Year Bitch appearing, an event that is widely considered one of the pivotal events in the inception of the Riot Grrrl movement. Their first record was a split single on K Records with Bratmobile, considered an essential Riot Grrrl recording. The band recorded three singles, produced one LP/CD, Calculated, and contributed to many compilations while they were together. These recordings are now sought after by collectors. One of these compilations, Free to Fight, also included a song contributed by the band Excuse 17, of which Carrie Brownstein was a member. Corin and Carrie began to play together, and when Heavens to Betsy disbanded in the mid 1990s, the two women founded Sleater-Kinney.

1993, July 07 show (Xray Cafe, Portland, OR)
01: Intro
02: Playground
03: My Red Self
04: Me And Her
05: You And Me
06: Little Something
07: Aint Never Going Back
08: Monsters
09: Stay Away
10: Firefly
11: Paralyzed
12: She's The One
13: Nothing Can Stop Me
1992, June 24 show (St. Paul, MN.)
01: Babys Gone
02: Factory
03: My Red Self
04: Playground
05: She's The One
06: Stay Dead
07: You and Me
08: (Untitled #1)
09: (Untitled #2)

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