Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dance Craze/2 Tone Soundtrack posted by FRANKKUBB

Side One
1. Concrete Jungle - The Specials
2. Mirror In The Bathroom - The English Beat
3. Lip Up Fatty - Bad Manners
4. Razor Blade Alley - Madness
5. Three Minute Hero - The Selecter
6. Easy Life - The Bodysnatchers
7. Big Shot - The English Beat
8. One Step Beyond - Madness

Side One
1. Ranking Full Stop - The English Beat
2. Man At C & A - The Specials
3. Missing Words - The Selecter
4. Inner London Violence - Bad Manners
5. Night Boat To Cairo - Madness
6. Too Much Pressure - The Selecter
7. Nite Klub - The Specials

Soundtrack from the movie "Dance Craze"

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We gotta face it here, the Brits had the lock on both the fashion and the music in the early eighties. The mod black and white trend, in both color of fabric and players, with it's island beat and strong horn sections got people up and moving on the dance floor. And it didn't sacrifice it's edge for the sake of a danceable hook or a pleasant pop tune. There were strong opinions here along with the driving bass beats and such. A jacket, a hat and a pair of distinctive shades are the uniform of the day. This collection is a good look at the cream of the crop. A pair of tasseled loafers and some crazy checked socks on the front cover let you in on the game and if that's not enough there's a group of photos on the other side to get you a little closer to the action. Slip this one onto the record-changer at your next hop and see the kids hit the floor and skank, wiggle and pogo the night away.



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