Thursday, July 22, 2010

Angry Samoans ~ Back From Samoa posted by FRANKKUBB

I was first exposed to Back From Samoa when I was 13 years old and I remember (his name was ) Dan Vail growing up in Anaheim California he was 16 at the time I believe, we would often skip school to go record shopping at Beggars Banquet in Garden Grove,Tower Records in Buena Park,Vinyl Fetish on Melrose (L.A.) and Peer Records in Newport Beach,Those were some memories I will not soon forget..We became tight instantly...some may even say inseperable Hell he even managed to get me my first fake I.D. to get into (punkrock ) shows in Hollywood (which was notorious for 18-21+ shows...)He even took me to my first Punk gig Im almost certain it was a Reagan Youth & Bad Brains show in Los Angeles in 1983 @The Olympic Auditorium. The very first time I heard Angry Samoans Back From Samoa was immediately in love There were many factors that caught my ear be it the humor, anger..or just the good old fashioned tongue and cheek comedy..I couldnt tell you if it was the 3 chord riffing, the snotty vocals but this record would more often than not, find us slam dancing in my bedroom everytime we listened to this. My Mom would often flip out because she would think we were fighting, she caught on eventually LOL. But Ill never forget him for turning me onto this, and many other bands, styles of music He was quite a knowledgable guy,.....I eventually moved to Massachusetts after High School, in 1989 therefore temporarily losing touch with Dan..A few weeks later I called him to catch up on this and that, I was greeted with a tearful Family member informing me that Dan had died earlier that morning of an accidental drug overdose , I still miss him to this very day R.I.P. Dan .


with songs like My Old Mans A Fatso, You Stupid Jerk,Homosexual,Tuna Taco & They Saved Hitlers Cock how in the hell can you NOT like it?????


1) Gas Chamber
2) The Todd Killings
3) Lights Out
4) My Old Man's A Fatso
5) Time Has Come Today
6) They Saved Hitler's Cock
7) Homo-Sexual
8) Steak Knife
9) Haizman's Brain Is Calling
10) Tuna Taco
11) Coffin Case
12) You Stupid Jerk
13) Ballad Of Jerry Curlan
14) Not Of This Earth


Angry Samoans ~ I Lost My Mind

Angry Samoans ~ Time Has Come Today

Angry Samoans ~ Not Of This Earth - Gas Chamber

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