Thursday, April 8, 2010

My 'Wish List' by:FRANKKUBB

I figured Id post a want list of sought after releases as well......


1.Im So Hollow:Emotion, Sound, Emotion (Original White Vinyl)circa 1981

2.Death In June:Night And Fog (FIRST Pressing Red Vinyl)circa 1983

3.Sonic Youth:Sonic Youth-Made In USA (Clear Vinyl LP (RARE)circa 1988?

4.Sonic Youth:Sister (Original Cover w/ Lung Leg and Disneyland background)circa 1986

5.Sonic Youth:4 Tunna Brix LP~The Fall covers.. (First Pressing RARE) ???

6.Siouxsie & The Banshees:Janet And The Icebergs 7' (VERY RARE)circa 1980

7.Current 93:Earth Covers Earth LP (ONLY 5 MADE!!) circa ?????

8.Current 93:Imperium 12'TEST PRESSING (SUPER RARE-ONLY 5 MADE) circa ?????

9.Sleep Chamber:Warm Leatherette" 7" circa 1985

10:Rudimentary Peni:Corpus Christi 12'(Crass Records) circa 1985

11.Ex Voto:In Wax (DEMO Cassette circa 1988 (IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND,) But I can dream right???

12:Beastie Boys:Pollywog Stew 7'(Original Ratcage Records) circa 1981

13:Beastie Boys:Cooky Puss 12' OR cassette(Original Rat Cage Records) circa 1983

14:Blowfly:Zodiac Blowfly 12' (WEIRD WORLD RECORDS 2023)

15:LFO;Frequencies Dbl 12'(Warp Records) circa 1990

16:Warp Records:We Are Reasonable People 3xLP Compilation circa 1998

17:Aphex Twin:Ventolin E.P.Dbl 12' circa 1996?

18.Polygon Window:Quoth 12 (Original Clear Vinyl~Warp Records) circa 1992

19:Kevin Saunderson:Faces And Phases BEST OF Dbl 12' C.D.or Vinyl RARE! circa 1995

20:The Clash 1ST LP (RARE) Dutch Press circa 1977

21:Poly Styrene:Gods and Goddesses 12' circa 1986

22:The Child Molesters Legendary Brown w/ gatefold sleeve (On Sympathy For The Record Industry Records)circa 1994

23:Proud Scum:Self Titled 7'New Zealand punk circa 1980

24:Social Unrest:Rat In A Cage 12' on Libertine Records circa 1982

Believe me, there is much more to list....

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