Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kersal Massive..Whut?

Just out of sheer curiosity or extreme boredom is more like it, I was trolling around online while the guys here at home were out running errands & I happened to come across this viral video of these two British kids apparently 'free styling' and 'attempting' to rap..mind you, the style and flow was/IS complete shit (shite, in this case) you can see (below)

A brief background to this Viral video...these 'lads' had submitted a video of their 'skills' in an attempt to win a BMX bike in a contest as to what I dont know, however their flow is nothing short of complete 'comedic value'....closer to parody would be more accurate ;

I later came to find out last night I was watching one of those Top 50 Viral videos of all time, and THIS video of the Kersal Massive went straight to NUMBER ONE!!?!?!?!?


As Im sure you can see from the comments that appear on YouTube that these kids got a TON of shit, and flack for their style...Then I came across this Kersal Massive video that was remixed to a very slick Drum N Bass version...which Im reluctant to really quite good...maybe the man who did this mix felt a certain need for some web redemption and slightly more forgiving that 99% of the people commenting from the original post of this viral video..Whos to say ?

He did do them a hell of a favor and remixed the hell out of this ..check it out ....

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