Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MUSE & Silversun Pickups Patriot Center Fairfax, Va. 3/1/10

I dont mean to start this entry of off on a negative note, so Ill make this point short and simple....THE ROADS OF VIRGINIA SUCK....THE ROADS SUCK SERIOUS ASS! * The clutter, congestion and gridlock had my feeble mind boggled w/ the ever apparent question that permiated my subconscience to the tune of "How in the f*ck do people do this commute...EVERY SINGLE DAY!?!?!?!? The traffic was THAT bad, Unfortunately the trip to Fairfax, Va. wouldve taken perhaps 90 minutes...but we arrived to the Patriot Center in about 2.5 hours..Needless to say our nerves were fried;nuff bitching....on w./ the show.....................--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I NEVER anticipated Silversun Pickups being as good as they were, but they were riveting. They warmed the crowd up (with GREAT success) to a near frenzy, and pulled off an amazing 45-50 minute set granted I had heard their singles 'Panic Switch' & 'Substitution' off their latest release 'Swoon' but Im sorry to say I didnt recognize many songs they had performed But I was blown away by their stage presence and cohesiveness as a 4 piece unit..FLAWLESS!Ill be getting further aquainted w/ the Pickups shortly, well worth my time invested indeed.MUSE opened their set w/ awe inspiring stage setup that was peppered w/ LED lights, strobes, flashpots, 50 foot canvas screens and 3 stage risers that towered the band over the audience by 50 feet hovering above the stage they opened their set w/ 'Resistance' blistering their way through an impeccable 90 minute set, performing many tracks off of 'The Resistance' & 'Black Holes And Revelations'..set list below...
1.Intro2.Uprising3.Resistance4.New Born5.Map of the Problematique6.Supermassive Blackhole7.Guiding Light8.Hysteria9.United States of Eurasia10.Feeling Good11.Drum and Bass Jam12.Undisclosed Desires13.Starlight14.Time is Running Out15.Unnatural Selection16.Exogenesis Pt. 117.Plug In Baby18.Knights of CydoniaI would easily mesh this show into my all time top20 concerts next to the like of KISS, Gwar, Motorhead, Sonic Youth, Potishead...Id rank this show somewhere between numbers 10-12..Ralph and I were blown away, as were many in attendance A-

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