Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nervous Gender/Factrix/Flipper/Uns "Live At TARGET' 1981

One of the most important US compilations of the early 80's,Live at the Target ,gives the exact picture of the SF underground music scene of this period.Blending punkish nowave inspirations along with electronics and experimentation this compilation features some of the top names of the period.Recorded live February 24, 1980. This show is also available as a live VHS video from Target Video.


A1 Factrix Subterfuge (4:35)

A2 Factrix A Night To Forget (5:30)

A3 Nervous Gender Miscarriage (1:46)

A4 Nervous Gender Scandinavian Dilemma (3:00)

A5 Nervous Gender Poet (2:37)

A6 Nervous Gender Confession (2:47)

B1 Uns Part 1 (5:06)B2 Uns Part 2 (2:35)

B3 Flipper Falling (5:27)

B4 Flipper Lowrider (3:18)

B5 Flipper End The Game (2:30 )

see Nervous Gender HERE (this LIVE performance)

MORE insight on the band check out their webpage here


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