Monday, February 1, 2010

MESH 'Theater Of The Absurd' 2005

MESH Is a N.Y.C. Graffitti artist, w/ some serious skills as a writer, artist,producer, D.J. I have had the pleasure of hanging out w/ him while I was in Williamsburg in 2005, we went out doing some throw up's and bombed an unbelievable piece somewhere on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn...I dont remember the exact whereabouts, but the piece was promptly removed ...Thanks to Guiliani's anti graffitti gestapo...

support indie/ indie electro....and free form art, graff,writers,taggers,D.J.'s and ALL urban creativity!

here are a few links to contact MESH

11.5 MB

12.8 MB

Hipsters Are The New Jocks .mp3
10.2 MB

I Want To Start.mp3
12.8 MB

Let The Dance Begin.mp3
11.6 MB

11 MB

New York City.mp3
10.4 MB

Side A.mp3
11.8 MB

Summer's Going By.mp3
12.1 MB

We Are At The End Of Time!.mp3
10.7 MB

You Know What It Means.mp3
13.3 MB

You're so free.mp3

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