Monday, February 8, 2010

Fad Gadget 'The Best Of' 2001

In the early 1980s, Fad Gadget was a post-punk innovator, a pioneer of electronica, a mesmerising stage performer, and an inspiration to countless other artists. Even if you've never heard a Fad Gadget track, you've almost certainly heard music which owes a debt to his influence. He was the first-ever signing to the Mute record label, and Daniel Miller, founder of Mute, remained a great friend and supporter. The label has its own tribute here:


1. Back to nature

2. The box

3. Ricky's hand

4. Handshake

5. Fireside favourite

6. Insecticide

7. Make Room

8. Lady Shave

9. Saturday Night Special

10. King of the Flies

11. Life on the Line

12. 4M

13. For whom the bells toll

14. Love Parasite

15. I Discover Love

16. Collapsing New People

17. One Man's Meat

18. Luxury


1. Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)

2. Fireside Favourite (toastedcrumpet mix)

3. Swallow it

4. Love Parasite 2

5. Luxury (remix)

6. For whom the bells tolls

7. I Discover Love (extended)

8. Sleep (electro-induced original)

9. Life on the Line 2

10. One Man's Meat (remix)

11. Immobilise

12. Collapsing New People



Anonymous said...

Love it. I've heard of Fad Gadget but never had an opportunity to listen to his music before. Thanks.


You bet....Ill be posting a complete discog sometime over the next day or will gimme something to do whilst being snowed in ;P