Friday, January 22, 2010

Einsturzende Neubauten 'Strategies Against Architecture' 1984

I have the perfect Halloween soundtrack for you: Einstürzende Neubauten’s Strategies Against Architecture 80-83. These guys are the uncrowned kings of noise and experimental music. This early compilation is particularly eerie, and metallic, in the literal sense of the word. Typical “instruments” listed for each song include “hollow metal object”, “metal plates”, “scratching metal”, “air conditioning duct” and so on. What vocals are there, are, how you say… distressed? And check out a few of these Halloween-ready titles: “Tanz Debil (A Dance of Mental Illness)”, “Schmerzen Hören (Listen with Pain)”, “Draußen ist Feindlich (Outside is Hostile).”
Of course, the band expanded beyond this type of music over the years. And they have put on some noteworthy live performances in their time. I have never seen them in person, but I did get to see leader Blixa Bargeld once with Nick Cave.
1. Tanz Debil2. Schmerzen Horen3. Mikroben4. Krieg In Den Stadten5. Zum Tier Machen6. Drauben Ist Feindlich7. Stahlversion8. Schwarz9. Negativ Nein10. Kalte Sterne11. Spaltung12. U-Haft Muzak13. Gestohlenes Band (Orf)14. Schwarz (Mutieirt)


«tyler» said...

I have this on vinyl too. :-)


Yeah, I think I may post a complete discog this week sometime...time permitting

budcub said...

A guy down the hall from me in college had this record (circa 1986), we liked it, and it was definitely pushing the boundaries of what we were used to hearing.