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Sonic Youth "The Walls Have Ears" Dbl 10" Live-Bootleg? 1986

Original 1986 UK release on Not [matrix # NOT 1 (BUT 2)], with gatefold sleeve stamped "No. #1992", both photo innersleeves.
An original official copy of the scarcest of all Sonic Youth releases -- this is #1992 out of the original official pressing of 2000, was bought new when it was released and is fully intact with all the original innersleeves (not inserts like the fake copies have -- see below for more info on the pressing, taken from Records and cover remain in very good condition with only light sleeve wear and both records play fine.

NOTES (from

Various stories circulate about just how official this item is... this is Henry Weld's account, which seems to be the most reliable source so far: "Originally suggested (half-jokingly) by Moore to be put out as a 2x10" in gatefold, the band finally said `no'. Blast First went ahead anyway (Not was created by Blast First for official bootlegs (other releases by Big Black and Band Of Susans)) and when the band heard it was out it was withdrawn (ie all remaining copies were allowed to be sold). The official pressing was a numbered edition of 2000, though there are more unnumbered copies indicating a second press. There are boots on LP (check to see if it has inner sleeves (original) or inserts (boot)) and CD." The first disc is taken from the October 30th, 1985 University of London show, with Steve on drums -- except "Blood on Brighton Beach" from November 8th, 1985 at Brighton Beach. Disc two is from April 28th, 1985 @ Hammersmith Palais in London, with Bert on drums. "C.B." is an onstage intro/spiel by Claude Bessy (aka Kickface Boy of Slash magazine). "Green Love" is "Green Light". "Mad Groove" is a tape of Madonna's "Into the Groovey" played thru an amplified. "Spahn Ranch Dance" is "Death Valley '69". "Blood on Brighton Beach" is "Making the Nature Scene". "The Word (E.V.O.L.)" is "Flower". "Killed & Kicked Off" is "Kill Yr Idols".


Sonic Youth
The Sonic Youth Sound Experience (walls have ears)
01 Green Love
02 Brother James
03 Kill Yr. Idols
04 Mad Groove
05 I Love Her All The Time
06 Expressway To Your Skull
07 Spahn Ranch Dance
08 The Burning Spear
09 Death Valley '69
10 Speed Jamc
11 Ghost Bitch
12 World Looks Red
13 The World Flower (Evol)
14 Brother Jam-2
15 Killed/Kicked Off


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