Monday, November 23, 2009

Part Chimp 'Chart Pimp' 2004

Part Chimp have been one of the most consistently interesting and persevering bands on the British underground scene in the last ten years or so. They formed in 2000 as a three piece, and although the lineup has changed slightly, their sound has been a persistently exciting and ALWAYS loud one since then. Mixing indie rock with noise and metallic elements, over three LPs they've shown themselves to be exactly the right antidote to the usual crap accent + winklepicker bleurgh that people here are supposed to like. Their best LP is probably 2005's I Am Come, which received some extreeemely good write-ups at the time of it's release, and deservedly so.

I will be posting more Part Chimp in the VERY near future, keep yer eyes peeled!


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