Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Killing Joke 'Laugh, I Nearly Bought One 1992


"Turn to Red" – 4:01 (from Turn to Red)
"Pssyche (live)" – 4:44 (from Ha!)
"Requiem" – 3:43 (from Killing Joke)
"Wardance" – 3:45 (from Killing Joke)
"Follow the Leaders" – 4:54 (from What's THIS For...!)
"Unspeakable" – 5:18 (from What's THIS For...!)
"Butcher" – 6:10 (from What's THIS For...!)
"Exit" – 3:39 (from What's THIS For...!)
"The Hum" – 4:56 (from Revelations)
"Empire Song" – 3:17 (from Revelations)
"Chop-Chop" – 4:17 (from Revelations)
"Sun Goes Down" – 4:17 (from Birds of a Feather)
"Eighties" – 3:49 (from Night Time)
"Darkness Before Dawn" – 5:18 (from Night Time)
"Love Like Blood" – 4:23 (from Night Time)
"Wintergardens (new mix)" – 4:47 (original version from Brighter than a Thousand Suns)
"Age of Greed" – 7:26 (from Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions)

From Wikipedia:

"Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! is a compilation album by Killing Joke, released in 1992. The album contains tracks from every album Killing Joke had released at that time, except Fire Dances and Outside The Gate. It also featured a previously unreleased mix of Wintergardens and several non-album tracks. The cover image of the CD was previously used by the band for a concert poster in the early 1980s. Because of its theme, a priest blessing nazi soldiers, this caused quite an upstir and the band got banned from playing a concert in Glasgow, Scotland. Contrary to popular belief, the priest in the picture is not Pope Pius XII, but German Nazi abbot Albanus Schachleiter."



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