Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autechre 'Cornfield'

Autechre: Sean Booth, Rob Brown.
Consummate musical technocrats, Autechre, have been leading the charge of post-digital experimentation since their arrival on the U.K. music scene in the early `90s. While their earliest efforts contained reference points in the more earthbound rhythms from early hip-hop, electro, and ambient electronica, later albums delved further into realms of abstraction and rhythmic deconstruction. On 2001's CONFIELD, Autechre drafted perhaps their boldest statement yet, leaving some fans clamoring for the pastoral ambience and gentle beatscapes of yore. Never ones to fall back on familiar routines, the group here seem of a piece with the post-millennial "clicks-and-cuts" aesthetic of experimental electronica. From bracingly jagged overflows of programmed polyrhythms and error-ridden DSP processing, to oblique compositional strategies, Autechre display a mastery of building musical structure by way of a healthy shot of lateral thinking.

Track listing
1. VI Scose Poise
2. Cfern
3. Pen Expers
4. Sim Gishel
5. Parhelic Triangle
6. Bine
7. Eidetic Casein
8. Uviol
9. Lentic Catachresis

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