Monday, November 9, 2009

Amusement Parks On Fire "Young Fight" E.P. 2009

1. In Our Eyes
2. Motown Ritual
3. The Day it Snowed
4. Young Fight
5. Of the Collapsing Light/Alafoss Exit

Amusement Parks On Fire has harnessed its otherworldly swirl of soaring guitars, epic-punk power, and pop sensibility for Young Fight, an EP that pairs together two unreleased songs with three previously released tracks, set for launch on September 8, digitally via FILTER U.S. Recordings. The band will give U.S. audiences a dose of their incendiary live show while on tour opening for legendary post-punkers The Happy Mondays and The Psychedelic Furs.

Originally created in 2004 as a solo project, singer/guitarist Michael Feerick has expanded his rock ‘n’ roll vehicle into a full five-piece band. Since the expansion, the UK-based fivesome’s sound has developed into a heady pastiche that pays tribute to such disparate genres as ’70s progressive rock, punk, dream pop and grunge. The five songs that comprise Young Fight exhibit the band’s penchant for bridging these musical divides, occupying a cosmic territory uniquely their own.

Leading off with “In Our Eyes,” the EP explodes right out of the gates as it kicks off with a sonic assault of drums and guitars and transforms into a buzzing wall of sound. “The Day It Snowed” slows the tempo as it layers Feerick’s voice over gliding acoustic guitar and music box-inspired melodies. The EP comes to a gripping finale with “Alafoss Exit,” a song that starts off like an ethereal daydream before building to a glorious fuzz-filled climax. By the time the song is done, you will feel as if you just traveled through the cosmos, and a fitting sneak peek of what the guys have in store for their forthcoming full-length due February 20

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